Swansea Vikings RFC


This constitution was adopted on the 24th June 2017; all previous constitutions in the name of this organization are hereby null and void.

  1. Name of Organization:

Swansea Vikings

  1. Our Kit Colours:

Black, Gold & (green)

  1. Aims and Objectives:
  • To promote the sport of rugby union in the Swansea area.
  • To compete at a league level and to seek regular fixtures.
  • To encourage participation amongst local people and strive to increase membership and playing strength.
  • To promote inclusivity in the sport of rugby union.
  • To provide an open and welcoming environment regardless of sexuality, ability and experience.
  • To work in conjunction with and support local charity and LGBT groups.


  1. Our Membership:

The membership of the club shall consist of honorary members, Full members and Support members and is open to all who express an interest in the Swansea Vikings and pays the appropriate fees.

  1. Elected Officers
  2. Chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Social Secretary
  6. Petty cash Officer
  7. Welsh language/Communications Officer
  8. Public Relations and Promotions Officer
  9. General committee member 1
  10. General committee member 2 etc.
  11. LGBT Liaison & IGR Rep.

Item 7. of the constitution defines the elected officers positions which sit on and vote at the club’s committee meetings.

5.1 A minimum of four committee members must be elected at the AGM in order that committee meetings can be held with a quorum.

5.2 It is possible for a committee member to stand for and be elected for more than one committee role if the electing members believe it to be in the best interests of the club.

5.3 Every effort at the AGM shall be made to ensure the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer roles are filled, and where not possible, the committee must make all reasonable efforts to fill them by cooption at the next committee meeting or by calling another General Meeting if need be for the purpose of doing this.

5.4 If any elected officer positions remain unelected at an AGM it is acceptable for another officer to agree to take on the vacant position if agreed by the committee at the next committee meeting.

5.5 Any elected officer positions remaining vacant after a General Meeting which are not filled in accordance with 5.4 may be filled by cooption of another suitable candidate at the committee’s discretion.

5.6 In the interest of good governance, the positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall not be held by fewer than 3 distinct (different) people.

5.7 All elected members are to retain their positions until the next AGM or a General meeting that has been called after the dismissal/resignation of a previous elected member where the Chairman has deemed it necessary for the position to be filled by a majority vote. The positions of Chairman and treasurer however will retain their positions over a 2 year period and elected 1 year apart from each other.

5.8 To keep within equality of opportunity, all elected member positions are to be open to all members by procedures given by the current Committee.

  1. Meetings

6.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held between May and July of each year in order to:

  1. Receive reports of the work carried out by Swansea Vikings and its Committee in the previous year.
  2. Receive a duly prepared financial statement for the preceding financial year.
  3. To elect honorary members where appropriate.
  4. Elect members to serve on the Committee
  5. Review Membership.
  6. Propose any amendments to the constitution.

6.2 Special General meetings shall be called as required.

6.3 Fourteen days notice of all General Meetings must be given by the Secretary and must include notice of the business proposed. The Secretary is to take all reasonable steps to ensure that notice reaches all members.

6.4 The quorum of a General Meeting of Swansea Vikings shall be 15 or a quarter of the membership, whichever is the lesser (in either case attending in person)

6.5 Where a quorum is present, the collection of votes cast by proxy according to procedures, previously agreed by the committee, can be collected.

6.6 Where there is only one candidate for election of any Committee position, a vote should still be taken in the normal manner. To be elected, the candidate should receive 50% or greater of the votes cast. Where the candidate fails to achieve this level of support, the position remains unfilled and should subsequently be filled by another member at the discretion of the Committee and without recourse to another General Meeting, except in exceptional circumstances where the Chairman (or Secretary if there is no Chairman) decides that the position must be filled by due election at a General meeting.

  1. Management

7.1 The management of the Swansea Vikings shall be conducted by the members of the Committee.

7.2 The Committee may delegate authority to subcommittees.

7.3 The committee has the right to veto or amend the decision made by any subcommittee.

7.4 Any Committee member has the right to attend and to vote at any subcommittee meeting. This is intended to prevent the Main Committee meeting’s time being consumed overturning decisions made by subcommittees.

7.5 Any Committee member or subcommittee member holding more than one position shall only have 1 vote at Committee or subcommittee meetings.

7.6 Where any elected Committee member fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings, without reasonable excuse (as determined by the Committee), the said member shall be replaced by another representative coopted by the discretion of the Committee and without recourse to a General Meeting.

7.7 Where any elected member fails, in the opinion of a majority of the other elected members present at a duly convened Committee meeting, to fulfill the duties of their position to a reasonable standard, or is deemed to be causing unnecessary delay or impediment to the general work of the Committee, the Secretary (or Chairman if the Secretary is the member in question) should serve a notice of intent to that person clearly indicating that a vote to dismiss the member under this rule will be taken, after due discussion, at the following Committee meeting (not less than 21 days from the date of notice). Where a member is dismissed after a vote under this rule, the said member shall be replaced by another representative coopted at the discretion of the Committee without recourse to a General Meeting. No more than 2 members may be dismissed under this rule in any period between General Meetings.

7.8 Where any elected Committee Member resigns his/her position on the Committee, the said member shall be replaced by another representative coopted at the discretion of the Committee without recourse to a General meeting. Except in exceptional circumstances where the Chairman decides that the position should be filled by due election at a General Meeting or AGM.

7.9 The Committee shall meet at least 4 times a year. It shall conduct the general business of the Swansea Vikings and shall have the power to undertake any proposal it deems fit to benefit or enhance the standing of the Swansea Vikings.

7.10 A quorum of a meeting of the Committee shall be no less than 5. No business shall be conducted unless the quorum is present.

7.11 The Committee-elect shall takeover management of the Swansea Vikings with immediate effect of the AGM; the treasurer however would be granted time to do a complete handover.

  1. Finance
  2. All members (except honorary members) shall be required to pay an annual membership fee.
  3. The income and property of Swansea Vikings shall be applied solely towards the carrying out of the objectives of Swansea Vikings as set out in this constitution.
  4. The Treasurer shall control the finances of Swansea Vikings and present a financial statement at each Committee meeting and at the AGM.
  5. All purchases over £100 to be made by any member of Swansea Vikings must be brought to the attention of the Treasurer prior to purchase for approval by the Committee.
  6. The financial year shall run from May 8th to the following May 7th
  7. All financial decisions and decisions on sponsorship contracts are to be made at a Committee meeting and/or by a quorum of members set by the Committee. Where any contract must be subjected to legal scrutiny.
  8. The responsibility for approaching sponsors or receiving sponsorship offers shall belong to and handled by the Treasurer or a representative that the Treasurer has approved.
  9. Any contract, after approval from the Committee, must be witnessed and signed by an additional Committee member or a representative member that the Committee has approved.
  10. Discipline

9.1 Swansea Vikings shall operate in accordance to WRU rules and regulations.

All disciplinary actions are to be carried out, after due discussion, by the Committee depending on the severity of the transgression made by any member of Swansea Vikings. Depending on the severity of the transgression, the following disciplinary actions shall be taken:

  1. A public and written apology to the affected individuals/parties to be given, where a copy of the written apology is to be kept by either the Secretary or Public Relations Officer.
  2. A fine or compensation to affected individuals/parties to be issued.
  3. A verbal warning to be issued by either the coach or a representative of the Committee. The member in question may receive no more than 2 verbal warnings. If said member requires further disciplinary action then their membership to Swansea Vikings is to be temporarily suspended and removed from all Swansea Vikings activity over a period determined by the Committee. This action can also lead to dismissal where the member in question is forever banned from all association from Swansea Vikings.
  4. An instant dismissal can be issued by the Committee to the member in question. Where the person is forever banned from all activity and association of Swansea Vikings.
  5. Equal Opportunities Policy

Swansea Vikings is committed to equality of opportunity. All members are welcomed purely on their interest to the sport of rugby and no restriction on membership shall be made on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, marital status, sex/age, disability, sexual orientation or religion or be disadvantaged by any conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable.

  1. Service Delivery

Swansea Vikings is committed to carry out its activities in accordance with the principles of the equal opportunities policy and the objectives of this constitution. Every attempt will be made to ensure no-one is excluded, either intentionally or unintentionally, from participating or benefitting from its activities.

  1. Alterations to Constitution
  2. This constitution may not be altered without a resolution properly proposed, seconded and approved by a vote of a General Meeting of Swansea Vikings members.
  3. A resolution to alter the constitution must be received by the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the meeting at which the resolution is brought forward.
  4. 14 days notice of such a meeting must be given by the Secretary to the members and must include notice of the alterations proposal.
  5. Code of Conduct

All members are expected to act in accordance with our code of conduct which is available on request or found on our Facebook page.

  1. Dissolution of Swansea Vikings

In the event of Swansea Vikings being dissolved, any property or monies remaining after its debts and liabilities have been settled, shall be paid to a registered charitable organization to be used in the furtherance of the sport in the local area.