September 2021
22 September 2021

Great read from our own “Hobbit “, James Hopkins, if you’ve been inspired by some of the stories don’t forget to look at our rugby recruitment session, 09/08/17 in our events.

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Great read from our own "Hobbit ", James Hopkins, if you've been inspired by some of the stories don't forget to look at our rugby recruitment session, 09/08/17 in our events.
“Growing up I had a troubled time, I always found myself doing the wrong things and getting in fights. I constantly found myself in bad situations. I now reflect on that time in my life and I realise the behaviour was caused by the battle I had with myself and who I was (or in this case who I didn’t want to be).
In school I was never big on sports. I actually hated any form of fitness. I’d go as far as saying I was pretty useless and to be fair in my last year I actually got banned from P.E due to fighting.
At the age of 25 I was still battling with my body image, anger issues and only had a handful of gay friends. I was stuck in a slight rut when Tom happened to message me, asking if i had ever thought of playing rugby.
Rugby was a sport I wished I had learned to play but never thought I was capable of. In April last year after much persistence from my best friend Sophie I nervously dragged myself to watch the boys train and joined in the following week and it was the best decision I ever made.
I wasn’t great to begin with but I found everyone was helpful and encouraging with me. I have never met such a diverse and inclusive bunch of guys. As I started training more I found my skills developing a great deal. I found I was becoming fitter and my body was changing. I also became more confident with myself and my body and to top it off I had made so many new friends.
The Swansea Vikings to me isn’t just a rugby team, it’s a family, the best sort of family! No matter what there is no judgement. Swansea Vikings have truly improved my life, fitness and overall health. If I hadn’t made that decision to try my first training session then I honestly don’t think I would be half the person I am today. Going to that first training session was the best decision of my life, it truly was! To this day rugby has become a massive part of my life and I have only the Swansea Vikings to thank”❤

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