24 May 2022

Player Stories- Mark Lewis-Evans

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Mark’s personal story is a great read, give it a try! “I have loved rugby...
Mark Lewis-Evans

Mark’s personal story is a great read, give it a try!

“I have loved rugby all my life mainly watching games on the tv. I did play on the school team but that was a long time ago. I always get over passionate and involved whilst watching a game, shouting and cheering, but I never thought I was be good enough to play it again.

In school I was bullied for being fat, short and struggled with dyslexia. So that time in my life gave me low self estimate and I struggled to make friends through my school years.

My parents work moved us to Bahrain in the Middle East. So growing up I already feels different but I felt that I had no choice to hide and I learnt to hide it out of fear of rejection or being bullied.

Even after being with my now husband Leigh for six month I still had not come out to my family out of fear. Therfore I would never have the confidence to walked into a local rugby club and ask to join. Be it down to me being gay or a beginner to rugby. But one night out drinking we bumped into two old friends Martin and Rhodri and they mention that they support and follow a inclusive rugby team. Leigh mentioned I loved rugby and they encouraged me to come along.

It was one of the best discussions I have ever made! All the guys were friendly and welcoming and really put me at ease, even after I dropped balls, missed passes and could not kick they were all supportive. Promising me I would get better. Now Wednesday evening training is the highlight of my week. Even in the rain and cold it is the best two hours of my week.

The Swansea Vikings have become my extended family and have made some truly amazing friends for life. They have help me with my low self estimate. I may not be the best player on the pitch but I give 100% and I am now proud to say to anyone, I am a gay but firstly I’m proud to say I’m a rugby player.

Come and join us you will not regret it.

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